About Our Products

The Human Color is proud to be in a partnership with the Doi Tung Development Project to bring you its clothing line. Doi Tung is an organization based in the Chiang Rai region of Thailand that engages in alternative economic development. This hilly region in the north of Thailand was once part of the notorious Golden Triangle of opium drug production. The native villagers had nowhere else to turn but to cultivate opium to sustain a livelihood. This in turn debilitated their lives and the environment that they called home. The villagers themselves were becoming addicted by the opium and the slash and burn agriculture was demolishing the forests and land.

The Doi Tung Development Project has provided the villagers with alternatives to growing opium and has helped them pursue licit and sustainable agriculture with crops such as coffee beans and macademia nuts. It has also helped them take advantage of their traditional skills at weaving and pottery to create products to sell. The organization provides an outlet for the villagers' crafts and crops and introduces them into the market under the brand of Doi Tung. Since the Doi Tung Development Project began its work in the region, it has relieved the dire poverty, reforested the land, and reinvigorated the spirit and lives of the villagers. The Human Color has partnered with the project to help broaden its market beyond Thailand and support its impact and sustainability.

The Human Color is excited to launch its clothing line with its first product being its signature scarf. The scarf will feature The Human Color spectrum emblazoned across its width, displaying a beautiful rainbow of colors that reflects the diversity of humanity.

Your purchase of The Human Color's clothing products supports the revolutionary work of the Doi Tung Development Project and the economic livelihood of the villagers it serves.